Socio Cultural Problems encountering Sikh Sangat

Sikhs residing the world over are facing four acute problems which are as under :

The Sikh youth of Panjab has gone crazy to imitate the reel heroes of filmi world and feel proud looking like those. The first thing which they feel impedes their imitating process is their hair. Therefore behaving whimsically they have started shearing their hair and thus are devastating their proud heritage. To stop this epidemic and to acquaint the Sikh progeny about the glorious past and respect for hair, the Trust has published a very special book titled 'Kes Guru di Mohar' on Sikh lines. The book has proved panacea for the above said ill. 64 page book is easily readable in one sitting but its effects are ever lasting. You read and Judge yourself. Besides this we have many other publications on this subject, such as (1) Hair Power (2) Kesh Parsang Panjabi and Hindi (4) Singha Dastar Sambhal (Panjabi) (5) The Hair Glory (6) Sikh elegance: The Turban (7) Turban, the Sikh Crown

Punjab, which is known in folk-lores as a land of blooming youth is now under severe grip of drug addiction. Alas! Sikh youth has tasted tobacco in its different forms, They gallop spirits as mineral water and have gone to the extent to use lizards as their addiction dose. Iodex, Shoe polish, phensidryl. Deadly capsules have taken place in their daily menu. The youthfulness of Panjab is eclipsed. Morality and conduct are being impaired and spiritualism is vanishing like a setting Sun. To combat this abnormal situation, the Trust has published very thought provoking book 'Gurmet And Nashe i.e. Addiction' which has brought a definite change in the minds of affected persons and general readers. We wish to publish this book in huge quantity to make it available to every crumbling house in the state and also printed it in Hindi under the title of Maut ka Nasha. We wish to translate it in English too for wider circulation.

Inspite of century long habitat in countries of their adoption, the Sikhs could not create a niche to make aware the fellow beings about their religion, culture and way of life. The result is before us which we faced when so-called Talibans and Alquedas damaged American installations. In a fit of anger, the Americans vandalized and tortured Sikhs, mistaking them as Arabs and Talibans for their Turbans and Beards. This unnecessary harassment is a sort of a challenge for the Sikhs which provides them an opportunity to apprise the world as who they are. Alag Shabad Yug Trust has left no stone unturned in providing sufficient information in a small book titled 'Mistaken Identity of the Sikhs'. The book makes the reader feel that the Sikhs are the most unique persons in the world who keep in mind the order of the Guru 'Sab Ko Meet Hum Aapan Kina Hum Sabna Ke Sajaan' i.e. we befriend everybody and live friendly with each one. 132 page book is worth reading. It is also available in Panjabi under the title 'Badeshan vich Sikhan de Pachhan di Smasya'. Till now many deluxe editions of these important books have been distributed. Those who read them, started loving the Sikhs as their friends.

Sikh marriages in Panjab have become ostentatious show of richness. Even the poor stratum of society tries to emulate the rich people. The result is social catastrophe, burning of brides everywhere because of insufficient dowry. Our Gurus gave us the best system of marriage in the form of Anand Karaj which has spiritual tinge involved in it. We have, as a matter of fact gone astray and glorious Anand Karaj System has lost its shine and all evil rituals have engulfed its sanctity. Trust is alive to the situation and has written a book (Palle Tende Laagi). It is available in Punjabi,Hindi ,English and is very useful for the youth to read and evolve strategy to follow Anand Karaj way of life in letter and spirit which provides bliss and blessful living as one soul, two frames.

Foeticide is a very inhuman, sinful and unlawful phenomena through which the educated Sikh parents get tested the gender of the baby in the womb of a mother. If it is a girl baby, the cruel parents get the abortion done to get rid of girl baby. The result of this unnatural act is very alarming. The census of 2001 and subsequent data reports show that the Sikhs are very active in this merciless killing of the baby girls and the male-female ratio at present in Panjab is 1000:732. It is a slur on us. Our Gurus have instructed us not to have any relations with those who smoke and who kill the female babies, but we ourselves are engaged in both of these vices. To stop this ignomy we have got published a small book 'Anjammi Bachchi Kujh Kehandi hai'. It is a hair raising on the subject. We wish to distribute this book in lakhs so that to create awareness on the subject and play a role in halting this disgusting tendency.

All the publications of Alag Shabad Yug Trust Ludhiana-141010 (Pb) are very important as these enlighten the readers to live pious, purposeful and meaningful life on the principles, and teachings enshrined in Sri Guru Granth Sahib.


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