An Appeal In The Darbar of Esteemed Donars & Sangat

The synopsis given above present a bird eye view of the aims, efforts, activities of short termed and long termed programmes of Alag Shabad Yug Charitable Trust. It has two way functional system; one is to prepare and produce suitable literature and the other is to get it published and distributed with the financial backing of sangat and the donors. As far as the first part is concerned, we are alive to face the challenge and committed to put each and every unit of energy to meet the requirements of the community and of the humanity. As far as the second part is concerned, it entirely relates with the sangat, the readers, the donors and the lovers of humanity as to how they take, own, appreciate and support the programmes of the Trust.

If after going through the web site of Alag Shabad Yug Charitable Trust Ludhiana-141010 or any of its publications, you feel that you want to contribute something in this shabad 'langar', you are welcome and we will be glad to answer any query in this behalf on our e-mail address i.e. Our postal address is as under :

Sarup Singh Alag
Alag Shabad Yug Turst
593, Urban Estate, Phase-2, Focal Point, Ludhiana-141010, Panjab, India.
Phone : (0161) 2671947, 2673416
Fax : (0161) 2670593
Mob: 98153-23523 and 97804-42842

Your co-operation enables us to accelerate our speed in publishing our literature for free distribution and enabling it to reach more places, more people, more enthusiastically.


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