Under the altruistic principle of 'Sarbat Da Bhalla' i.e. 'Welfare Unto All' and with the blessings of the Sat Gurus and sincere wishes of Late S. Lochan Singh Alag and Late Sdn. Inder Kaur Alag:
Alag Shabad Yug Charitable Trust(Regd) Ludhiana - 141010 is an organization which distributes soul uplifting and character building high quality literature free of cost to any ambitious reader the world over. The Trust is formulated with a noble view in mind to apprise the global habitat the most valuable principles ,spiritual virtues and healthy values propounded in Gurbani and Sikh idealism so as to make this world much better place to live in. The initiative of forming this philanthropist organization was taken by renowned writer, eloquent orator and famous Sikh scholar Dr.Sarup Singh Alag (who had been serving the Government of Panjab for about three decades as a superior administrator) formally on 1st Jan 1994, when he retired from Government service.

Alag Shabad Yug Trust is lucky to have purely on humanitarian bases, the selfless services of outstanding personalities residing at various places who have earned name and fame in the society they form part of. Some such stalwart well-wishers of Alag Shabad Yug Trust Ludhiana require a brief mention as under:

  • S. Gurcharan Singh Chatwal London
  • He has unending urge to serve humanity in variety of ways and never lags behind where some thing good for humanity is being done selflessly. He is a kind hearted Gursikh and humanist. He is always in Charhdi Kala i.e. dynamic power come what may.

  • S. Gurdeep Singh Gujral, London
  • The most gentle Gursikh who is imbued with nobility and has earned fame and recognition in British society even. He is liberal in helping the needies.

  • S. Jaswinder Singh Toor, London
  • A young soft-spoken Gursikh resident of London who is strong adherent of Gurbani and is full of pious feelings for humanity. He loves all, respects all and helps others large-heartedly.

  • S. Piara Singh Aulakh, Hunslow
  • A Gursikh who serves the cause of humanity and of Alag Shabad Yug Trust, selflessly.

  • Mata Gian Kaur (Southampton)
  • Most benevolent lady who spreads the awareness of Gurbani through hymn singing voluntarily.

  • S. Mota Singh Sarai WALSALL (UK)
  • A dynamic force, a thorough gentleman, a benevolent person who supports Alag Shabad Yug Trust and various humanitarian organisations gladly.

  • S. Jagjiwan Pal Singh, Northampton
  • A pious youngman having unending urge to serve humanity. Along with his wife Sdn. Jasbir Kaur, he tries to spread the richness of Gurbani and the couple lives simple, saintly life.

  • S. Malkiat Singh, Bradford
  • A willing worker and a dedicated server of humanity having appreciable recognition in society.

  • Sdn. Mohinder Kaur Dua, Hounslow, London.
  • A pious lady, a liberal donor and having incesant urge to serve humanity selflessly.

  • S.Mohinder Singh Rakar, Chatham, U.K.
  • A grand person, man of high principles and noble living. Being liked and loved everywhere.

  • S. Kuldip Singh, Gillingham, U.K.
  • He lives pious life and gladly serves the needies.

  • S. Naranjan Singh Athwal, Gillingham, U.K.
  • He and his wife Sdn. Jasbir Kaur are through and through gentle persons.

  • S. Gurmej Singh Athwal, and Sdn. Balbir Kaur, Chichester, U.K.
  • Gentle, sophisticated and supporting couple.

  • S. Jasbir Singh Bachra, Walsall, U.K.
  • An honest gentle and soft spoken Gursikh

  • S. Nashatar Singh, Birmingham, U.K.
  • A Gursikh par excellance.

  • S. Kewal Singh Ghag, Smethwick, U.K.
  • Hard working Gursikh and lover of Gurbani.

  • S. Manmohan Singh, Southampton, U.K.
  • A promising youngman with high thoughts.

  • S. Harjinder Singh Sandhu, Midland, U.K.
  • An outstanding poet and a man of high integrity.

    All these above gentlemen of U.K. are strong supporters of the trust programmes and render assistance in various ways and are regular donors.


  • S. Balraj Singh Bagri, Garden Grove C.A.
  • He is over all coordinator of Alag Shabad Yug Trust for CA. He is young, energetic, supportive and selfless server of humanity.

  • S. Sukhvir Singh Mundi, Buena Park, CA
  • S. J.S. Gill, C.A.
  • S. Sohan Singh Gill, Downey, CA.
  • S. Raghbir Singh Priest, Rose Mead CA.
  • Dr. Ranjit Singh Rajpal, Madera, CA.
  • S. Jagir Singh Bains, Flushing, New York
  • S. Amrik Singh Kanwal, New York
  • Dr. Jaswant Singh Sachdev, Arizona
  • S. Balraj Singh Bakersfield, CA
  • S. Prabdeep Singh, Bakersfield, CA
  • S. Jagjit Singh, Cypress, CA.
  • S. Dilbagh Singh Padda, Kent, WA USA.
  • S. Harpreet Singh Sarang, Auburn, WA
  • S. Bahadur Singh, Kent, WA.
  • S. Paramjit Singh Parmar, Renton, WA
  • Dr. Surinderjit Kaur Dhaliwal CA, USA
  • Prof. Ranjit Singh Khalsa, Buena Park, CA.
  • S. H.S. Pooni, LAPALMA, CA.
  • S. Pritam Singh Patialvi, Northridge, CA.
  • Prof. Gurbachan Singh, Riverside, CA

  • Mrs. Pinki Lamba, Sydney
  • S. Nirmal Singh Sydney
  • S. Ravi Singh Thind, Melbourne
  • Mr. Niku, Sydney

  • S. Prabjit Singh
  • S. Maan Singh

  • Sdn. Narinder Kaur, Birch Garden
  • All the above gentlemen have enriched the country of their adoption with the qualities of their heads and hearts. They whole-heartedly support the mission of Alag Shabad Yug Trust and make donations to the trust so that good work, altruistic in nature is continued. Trust values their cooperation and wishes them very prosperous life based on Gurbani principles.

  • S.Ajit Singh Chana and
  • S.Sewa Singh Chana, Windsor, Ont, Canada
  • Both the brothers are the top most industrialists of Windsor-Ontario,Canada and very popular in Indian/Asian communities. They are gentlemen and through and through, kind hearted citizens.

  • S. Raghbir Singh Samagh, Toronto, Canada
  • An educationist and very well known personality in the field of electronic media in Canada. He has devoted his life for the emancipation of humanity. He does what he says, and always says which is ethical. He is respected in all sections of society.

  • S. Gurbax Singh Malhi [Minister(MP)]
  • A source of inspiration for the Trust. He is loved and liked by everyone because of his qualities and pleasing behaviour. He is lovely and lively gentleman.

  • S. Inderjeet Singh Nijjar, Montreal, Canada
  • He, his wife Sdn Chani take lot of interest in Trust affairs and render services cheerfully.

  • S. Ajit Singh Aujla (Calgary, Canada)
  • A spirited gentleman who has very soft feelings for the Trust and distributes its literature where ever he goes.

  • S. Gurdev Singh Sahota (Vancouver, Canada)
  • S. Bhupinder Singh Gill (Burnaby, Canada)
  • The duo has been doing yeoman's service to Alag Shabad Yug Trust in B.C. Canada with utmost devotion. The chairman invariably stays with them when he visits B.C. Trust is indebted to them for their willing support for the last 15 years. The ladies of the family, Sdn. Kirpal Kaur Gill and Sdn. Mohinder Kaur Sahota provide us all facilities and make our stay enjoyable while we are in B.C.

  • Dr. Jasbinder Singh Sanghera, Richmond
  • Sdn. Preet Kaur and S.S.S. Kalkat, Surrey, B.C.
  • S. G.S. Dhillon, Vancouver and Sumanpreet Kaur Dhillon
  • S. Harbhajan Singh Sohi, Surrey, BC.
  • Prof. Gurvinder S. Dhaliwal, Abottsford, BC.
  • S. Kuldip Singh Richmond, B.C.
  • S. Gian Singh Kotli, Surrey, BC.
  • S. Manmohan Singh Mullanpur, Surrey, BC.
  • S. Charanjit Singh and Sdn. Mohinder Kaur, Surrey, BC.
  • S. Gurdeep Singh Sahota, Surrey, BC.
  • S. Ajit Singh Badh of Sher-e-Panjab Radio, Vancouver.
  • S. Surdev Singh Jatana, Abottsford BC.
  • S. Amrik Singh Padda Duncan, BC
  • Sdn. Kulwant Kaur and S. Balwinder Singh Rangi, Vancouver, BC.
  • Sdn. and S. Amrik Singh Nijjar, Surrey, BC.
  • Sdn. & S. Harjinder S. Rattan, Surrey
  • Bhai Narinder Singh, Surrey
  • S. Jagmail Singh Sira, Oliver, B.C.
  • Sdn. & S. Mohinder Singh Mangat, Abbottsford, B.C.
  • Sdn. & S. Mansha Singh Sanghera, Surrey, B.C.
  • Sdn. & S. Bhalwinder Singh Waraich, Vancouver, B.C.
  • S. Ujagar Singh Khalsa, Surrey, B.C.
  • S. Jagmohan Singh, Surrey, B.C.
  • S. Kuldip Singh Sohi, Surrey, B.C.
  • Sdn. & S. Ranjit Singh Surrey, B.C.
  • Sdn. & S. Didar Singh, Surrey, B.C.
  • All these gentlemen are well wishers of the Alag Shabad Yug Trust.

  • Er. S. Partap Singh Brampton, Ont.
  • S. Harbans Singh Chatwal, Toronto
  • S. Satyapal Singh, Toronto
  • Everyone is proud of these outstanding personalities.

  • Dr. Mandeep Singh Dhami, Connecticut, USA
  • S. Gurdeep Singh Narula Newyork, USA
  • S. Avtar Singh Dhami Union City, CA, USA
  • Sh. Inderjeet Sharma Newyork, USA
  • Sh. Balram Dass Sareen, California
  • These gentlemen support Alag Shabad Yug Trust and serve its cause willingly, gladly and selflessly.


  • Prof. Jagir Kaur Dhami wife of Late Prof. Puran Singh Dhami, Civil Lines, Ludhiana
  • Renowned Scientist whose support and leadership value a lot for the execution of the policies of the Alag Shabad Yug Trust. She is Trust's backbone, a source of inspiration and a guiding force. Her sincere wishes and patronage provide us strength.

  • S. Jagtar Singh Alag, New Model Town, Ludhiana
  • S. Tarwinder Singh Alag, Harnam Nagar, Ludhiana
  • S. Mohinder S. Madan, Sarabha Nagar, Ludhiana
  • S. Mahesh Inder Singh, Patiala
  • S. Bhagwan Singh of Gurmail Medical Hall, Ludhiana
  • These gentlemen support Alag Shabad Yug Trust through thick and thin.

  • S. Tarlochan Singh Ex Chairman National Minority Commission India and Member Parliament
  • An untiring Gursikh doing yeoman's service to humanity particularly to the Sikhs. Always backsup the trust workers for their selfless services to humanity.

  • S. Barjinder Singh Hamdard, Mg. Editor daily Ajit Jallandhar
  • A large hearted, open minded personality whom every panjabi loves as his own. He is brimful with a spirit of nobility and is ever ready to help anyone, anytime sincerely and whole heartedly. He is ever ready to help the trust to function smoothly. The trust values his patronage.

  • Sardar M.S. Aneja (Advocate,Ludhiana)
  • An eloquent orator and an authority on legal matters who selflessly renders his valuable legal services for the smooth functioning of the Trust.

  • Sdn. Amarjit Kaur Toor
  • She is Advisor-In-Chief of the Trust and guides the affairs of the Yug in Western India basing her headquarters in Mumbai. She is ever supporting young lady who has mission in mind and heart to serve humanity dedicatedly.


The Yug actively came into being on 01.01.1994 but the Trust was constituted on 13/09/2001 with the following:

  • Prof. Sdn. Jagir Kaur Dhami (Patron in Chief)
  • S. Gurcharan Singh Chhatwal (Chief Patron)
  • S. Balraj Singh Bagri (Patron)
  • S. Bhupinder Singh Gill (Patron)
  • Dr. Sarup Singh Alag (Chairman cum Trustee)
  • Jasbir Kaur (Vice-Chairperson cum Trustee)
  • Sukhinder Pal Singh Alag (Trustee cum Secretary General)
  • Prof. Raminder Deep Singh (Trustee cum Publication Secretary)
  • Gagan Deep Kaur (Trustee cum convenor)


The aims and objectives for which this Trust is created and for which funds may be utilized are as follows :

  • To undertake publication and distribution of soul lifting and character building books/ literature on history and religion in all corners of the world to create awareness about the noble values to enrich a person spiritually, ethically and socially; open information centres, hold seminars, conferences, debates and courses on Sikh religion and its teachings concerning lofty ideals, enjoy truthful living, emphasing amity, love, brotherhood and selfless service all around (The sole aim of this Trust is 'Welfare Unto All i.e. Sarbat Da Bhalla) or any other matter, which helps humanity to create betterment in it.
  • To undertake comparative study of all the religions, to highlight the feelings of goodness and to undertake research work in Sikh religion and history.
  • To render services in the field of education, medical relief to poor irrespective of caste, creed, race, region and religion or language.
  • To lift the public from the curse of poverty, hunger, illiteracy and diseases by starting and taking out concentrated and intensive programmes in these specific directions.

Besides the functions mentioned above, the Trust will take up numerous other socio-cultural activities to enrich our heritage according to our traditions. It is to strive hard to create awareness in Panjabi and Sikh masses to save 'Oora' i.e. Panjabi language and culture and 'Joora' i.e. the hair knot or Sikh identity so as to save our language, culture, heritage and religious identity.

The very brief mention of the activities of the Trust are as under :

The Trust publishes the high quality character building and soul uplifting literature written by Dr. Sarup Singh Alag for publication and free distribtion. It is sort of 'langar' of pious words basing on the spirit of Gurbani and the lives of Sikh Gurus. As food is free in Sikh Gurdwaras and it satiates the hunger of body, this literary 'shabad langar' is also free which provides food to soul. By now the Trust has published 87 valuable publications on different aspects. The books are lauded so much that some of them have been published more than eighty times in a very short spell. The book 'Harmandar Darshan' which was purposely written to highlight the quat centenary of the creation of the Harmandar Sahib(2001) has seen more than sixty deluxe editions in Panjabi, Hindi and English in a span of about two years and has changed the outlook of the readers about Harmandar Sahib altogether. To cope up with the ever rising demand of this wonderful book, its abridged volumes both in English and Panjabi are being published and distributed in huge quantity. Even then the demand graph for the book is rising up phenominally. To satiate the hunger of the readers we produced the relevant material in booklet forms in Pbi and English which are also highly acclaimed by the readers throughout the world.

Besides the activities of the Trust mentioned above, the Trust fulfils its other obligations by helping the needies; and also honouring those personalities which have contributed with their might and calibre dedicatedly to make the world more lovely and lively place to live in. With the availability of more funds these activities would be made more broad based. Much in this respect is required to be done.


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